Quality standards

QuickRewards provides high quality online sample in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Belarus, United Kingdom, and USA. With QuickRewards you can access qualified double-opted consumers, IT professionals, business decision makers, doctors and other specialists recruited from a wide variety of sources.

QuickRewards.net supports all quality standards to provide complete and true data, which is received from our online panel. To insure that every our user is a unique member of our database we check IP address and other registered user’s data.

Duplicates are deleted automatically. To insure that the data given by respondents during answering all questions is correct we compare if these answers match with data from respondents’ profile. Respondents’ attention to survey details can be checked with the help of quality control questions, control of the time when survey is completed and with the help of other issues. Profile data of all users is protected with password and available to users themselves or administration of QuickRewards.net. Users can remove their profiles from the panel at any time they like and their data will; be deleted from our database.

Research results are provided in the summarized report and personal data is never published. Respondents’ information is never copied, rented or sold. We never send SPAM or other unnecessary commercial info of any type to our registered users. We follow the local laws of the country are panels are located in. QuickRewards supports market research standards of CASRO, ESOMAR and MRA.

To view our Marketing Inc Quality report please click on the link : Marketing Inc Quality report