“We have enjoyed working with Quick Rewards as we believe they, too, focus on providing the best consumer experience possible.
 Teresa Tao, Director of Online Advertising, ShoeBuy.com



“I’ve been working with QuickRewards for two years now, and they’re among some of our top publishers in Linkshare. Dmitry is a pleasure to work with, and we find that QuickRewards’ traffic complements our product to produce strong sales and conversions.”
  -Dennis Consorte, Director of eCommerce, David’s Cookies


“As a member of our Advertising.com network for over two years and now part of the buy.at, QuickRewards is a pleasure to work with and a valued business partner. Not only is the team very responsive and accommodating, they are open to running a variety of campaigns. We appreciate their business and our ongoing relationship.”
  -Amy Preis, Account Executive, Advertising.com and buy.at


“I’ve become a customer of many companies I had never heard of before, after I saw they were partnered with QuickRewards.”
 Kimberly O., QuickRewards.net Member



“For nine years, I’ve run a website that reviews rewards programs. QuickRewards has been a solid performer ever since it opened its doors. They have the best customer service in the industry. I've referred literally hundreds of people to QR and will continue to both sing its praises and use the program on a daily basis myself. I know rewards programs... and I LOVE QuickRewards.net.”
 Rebecca Ford, Blogger – CompareRewards.com


“QuickRewards.net has been a very wonderful program to help the San Jose, CA chapter of Project Linus. Their donations help us purchase the fleece and yarn needed to make homemade blankets.”
 Dolores Wright, Coordinator – Project Linus, San Jose Chapter